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Deeper Love Project

Two Voices I A Temple on Wheels I Sacred Nature Sights I A Mobile Studio

Community I A Movement of Deeper Love I

The Deeper Love Project is a vision by the Musical Love Scientists Sidsel Ben Semmane and Alexander Perez AKA LUMIZONE.
Our mission is to spread awareness and amplify the ‘Deeper Love’ that we all have within us through Music, Art and Community.

‘Deeper Love’ is the love that all-ways exists in the here and now, and grows beyond hatred, annoyance and division.

It is the love that loves beneath and beyond the surface.



We are creating a ‘Deeper Love Temple’ on Wheels with a mobile studio on board. We will travel to 11 Sacred Sights in North America and capture and record our album at the locations. On the way we will bring the Temple to as many communities as possible and gather in musical ceremony as we continuously research the power of ‘deeper love’ through conversations in the communities and interviewing specialists as we document the process of the whole project from the inside out.



We wish to make a difference in as many hearts as possible and inspire people from all walks of life to keep on connecting through authentic presence … while loving up on ourselves, each other, and the world!

In a world with so much division, racism and ‘superficialism’, where suicide rates are increasing in staggering numbers and Mother Earth is crying for attention with climate changes that are impacting us all more and more, ‘Deeper Love’ has been born.

We’ve asked ourselves: What can WE do to make a difference … to affect change? What gifts have we been given and blessed with in this life and how can we be of service?
The answer is: our Voices, our Musicality, and our ‘Divine Love Union’ as a couple. The ‘Deeper Love’ that we have allowed to blossom between us as the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine earthlings that we are in spirit and body form … and how we can share all of these aspects and gifts with the world. As The Beatles sung it “All You Need Is Love”. This is still our truth! And we won’t let this chaotic world we live in overrule this or make us even more disconnected.


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