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Let The Music Be Thy

“If you’ve ever wondered about the sound of love, LUMIZONE is the answer. These two beloveds have captured the essence of their hearts in music so pure and so beautiful, that it will transport you into the depths of your own heart. With gorgeous harmonies, soulful vibes and conscious lyrics that invite us to feel, think, and experience our connection to life in a whole new way, Alexander and Sidsel create powerful music that contributes to a deeper transformation in our world.”

∼ Valerie Silidker

Leadership Coach & Trainer - Psychospiritual Institute - Delray Beach, FL



Who We Are
LUMIZONE Live at Unity Fort Lauderdale




LUMIZONE is a musical meeting between the divine feminine and the divine masculine.


With a combined experience of 30+ years as professional musicians, Alexander Perez and Sidsel Ben Semmane are the founders of LUMIZONE, an international conscious music duo based out of South Florida, with roots in various musical genres and styles from Pop, RnB, Folk and World … to Ballads, Improv, Mantra Music and more. Best described as 'Progressive New Healing Music'.


Alexander has toured internationally sharing the stage with the likes of Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Byron Katie, Neale Donald Walsch, Michael Beckwith, Don Miguel Ruiz, Dr. John Gray, Les Brown, and the Tibetan State Oracle to the Dalai Lama among many others, as founding member of international conscious world fusion band 'here ii here'.


At 17, Sidsel won first place in Denmark as part of the European song contest “Eurovision”, released her debut solo-album, and toured nationally achieving a gold record. She then traveled the world while studying at ‘The Royal Academy of Music’, transforming from teen pop star into discerning musical artist ‘Semmane’, obtaining her masters degree in the process.


Most recently they have launched their newest business endeavor, ‘Vocal Life Coaching’, co-creating new somatic life coaching and healing modalities by merging their 2 biggest passions and life experiences, the human voice with personal transformation. They are now offering 1:1 Journeys, Couples/Relationship Coaching, as well as Group Programs. Visit for more details.

What our community is saying...

“When I heard them sing, I was deeply touched. Everything melted. They have unique singing voices and when they sing it opens your heart, because there is so much love. It is as if they are singing to my soul and bringing me into deep contact with myself. A very special experience. I have never heard anything with so much soul, love, devotion and harmony.

I marvel at the humility with which they carry their unique singing gift and share it with the world.”

∼ Dorthe Damkjær

Holistic Body and Psychotherapist - Denmark

“Sound like a choir as I am walking into the gates of heaven.”

∼ Steve Nash

Delray Beach, FL

“We recently experienced a sound healing concert for our “Day of Gratitude” Thanksgiving week celebration, by LUMIZONE. Extraordinary Vocals combined with various instruments of sound, opened the hearts of the participants, and a transformation of magical healing was felt by the entire community. LUMIZONE has it all. Alexander and Sidsel are a perfect partnership

with the ability to raise the consciousness of any community. Do not miss out on the opportunity to bring them to your spiritual center. They are a gift!”

∼ Unity of Fort Lauderdale

Board of Trustee’s


Our Offerings

“As I heal you heal, As you heal I heal,

As we heal the world heals, As the world heals I heal”



Please feel free to contact us by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

PHONE NUMBER: +1 305-306-9728


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