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Sacred Creative Sisters Meditation Group

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Dearest Sisters,

Join our bi-weekly meditation group 🕊 Message and info below...

The most important is the union of us all; the silence that our bodies need and the dedication to giving ourselves a moment to stop, connect, let go and re-charge ourselves through the power of meditation and being held and heard in our sacred sisterhood

ॐ The ‘Sacred Creative Sisters Meditation Group’ is bi-weekly on Tuesdays from 4:30PM - 5:15PM EST

ॐ There will be a dedicated theme for each month that will be our energetic canvas/focal point. See below.

ॐ The meditations will vary in style from blending different modalities and styles of meditation, connecting with somatic and creative aspects.

ॐ I will host the meditations from Zoom and bring in instruments and live music as guided from source, angels and spirit.

ॐ The energy exchange is $44 per month.

ॐ The meditations will be recorded and shared after each meditation through Zoom.

February: Love
March: Creativity
April: Divine Light Within

May: Alignment
June: Flow
Juli: Abundance
August: Thriving Goddess
September: Femininity
October: Balance
November: Gratitude
December: Peace

Next Date: April 16, 4:30PM EST

Investment: Use the payment form below or use any of these apps as you prefer:

Membership click here

Zelle: 305-399-8613

Venmo: @lumizonemusic
Cash App: $lumizone

My intention is to create more connection and love in us all and between us all through a simple and yet powerful connection point. May this be a little energetic love sprinkle and breathing room to recharge and feel nurtured as you are all serving through the amazing offerings you are creating in our world. I am honored to be able to share my voice as spirit guides us to continue serving, elevating and loving more each day.

Thank you Sisters!




Register & Join Here!


Thank you for your investment!

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