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Sacred Creative Sisters Meditation Group

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Dearest Sisters,

Join our bi-weekly meditation group 🕊 Message and info below...

The most important is the union of us all; the silence that our bodies need and the dedication to giving ourselves a moment to stop, connect, let go and re-charge ourselves through the power of meditation in community.

Thank you ALL for your individual answers and feedback. From what you’ve all shared this is what my soul is receiving and envisioning to design and share moving forward.

ॐ The ‘Sacred Creative Sisters Meditation Group’ will continue bi-weekly on Tuesdays from 4:30PM - 5:15PM EST
ॐ There will be a dedicated theme for each month that will be our energetic canvas/focal point. See below.
ॐ The meditations will vary in style from blending different modalities and styles of meditation, connecting with somatic and creative aspects.
ॐ The meditations will be recorded and shared after each meditation through Zoom.
ॐ The energy exchange will be a sliding scale from $44 - $77 per month. However you are able to each beginning of the month.
ॐ I will host the meditations from Zoom and bring in instruments and live music as guided from source, angels and spirit.
ॐ Unfortunately I am not able to find the perfect time for everyone, but I hope that moving it in the middle can work for most of you all.

February: Love
March: Creativity
April: Divine Light Within

May: Alignment
June: Flow
Juli: Abundance
August: Thriving Goddess
September: Femininity
October: Balance
November: Gratitude
December: Peace

Start Date: February 6, 4:30PM EST
Investment: Use the payment form below or use any of these apps as you prefer:

Zelle: 305-399-8613

Venmo: @lumizonemusic
Cash App: $lumizone

My intention is to create more connection and love in us all and between us all through a simple and yet powerful connection point. May this be a little energetic love sprinkle and breathing room to recharge and feel nurtured as you are all serving through the amazing offerings you are creating in our world. I am honored to be able to share my voice as spirit guides us to continue serving, elevating and loving more each day.

Thank you Sisters!




Register & Join Here!


Thank you for your investment!

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