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The Songwriter's Journey


Explore, Express, Expand from your Heart

A 12 week journey devoted to your creative flow

as you allow your song to flourish from your heart 

Register by May 24 to Unlock 1 Private 1:1 Bonus Sessions

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Presented by Sidsel Ben Semmane & Alexander Perez

With a combined experience of 30+ years as professional musicians, songwriters, performers and coaches, we are excited to be facilitating 'The Songwriters Journey' ... Taking you through the many disciplines, stages and spaces we go through when writing songs.


The Journey - The 4 main pillars


What is creativity and creativity theories?

How can we acces our creativity and what does it give us?

The Leap


Which components do we work with in songwriting? 

Melodi, lyrics, chords, forms, arrangement, production etc. 

How do we get started?
And how do we get it done? 

Image by Markus Spiske


How do we get into a flow state?

How do we create a safe and inspiring space for our songwriting process?

How do we get ‘unstuck’?

How do we deal and work with the ‘inner critics’ and limiting beliefs?


Image by Soundtrap


How to collaborate with others and write songs together.


Communication, flow, culture, taking space versus holding space

Thriving together

Image by Mike Giles

I want to join the journey!
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Our Work + Testimonials

Alexander, .... You bring so much talent to the table and it’s backed by a heart of gold…filled with love and care and a desire of only the highest and best for each soul you come in contact with. Alexander, you are a diamond…shining brightly for all the world to see and to be elevated and transformed by as you let your light shine.

~ Christy Schuchter Sharafinski

Graphic Designer & Copywriter - Huntersville, NC

“Sidsel has given me a fantastic musical foundation to stand on through our work with song technique, improvisation, songwriting, and to find my expression as a singer.

My voice feels set free, and can express a genuine and true me. Sidsel works structured and very seriously, but is great at talking and listening. In that way, she has helped me down exactly the path I would like to go musically myself. I can definitely recommend the experience I had.

Thank you so much Sidsel!

~ Jeppe Skovby

Teacher and Musician - Denmark

LUMIZONE - Featured Videos

LUMIZONE - Featured Videos

LUMIZONE - Featured Videos
'Sacred Songs in the Garden ⚘ A Soul-Felt Gathering' with LUMIZONE (11/5/22 Reel #1)

'Sacred Songs in the Garden ⚘ A Soul-Felt Gathering' with LUMIZONE (11/5/22 Reel #1)

Play Video
Who We Are (Live)

Who We Are (Live)

Play Video
Perfect - Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé (Cover by LUMIZONE)

Perfect - Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé (Cover by LUMIZONE)

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12 week journey

Safe, intimate and powerful group field

Creativity theory + lots of hands on tools and exercises

Write your own songs

Be guidet, inspired, heard and nurtured

Weekly 90 minute group video calls on Zoom

Private individual text support

Private Group Support Page


Week 1: Introduction + Creativity Theories + Mindset

(Extended 2 Hours session)

Week 2: Flow + A Framework for Songwriting

Week 3: Blocks! How to get unstuck?

Week 4: Lyrics

Week 5: Arrangement

Week 6: Melody and Groove

Week 7: Confidence

Week 8: Co-writing

Week 9: Co-writing

Week 10: Finding your 'voice'

Week 11: Improv

Week 12: Showcase

(Extended 2 Hours session)


Single payment: $900 USD
3 payments: $366 USD x 3

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